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Open Source & Developer Relations Strategy Consulting

Expand your business strategy with Open Source and Developer Relations today, to keep control over Open Source components in your tech stack or workflow. Not only for license compliance. Become part of the communities that develop projects your business depends on, and reserve your seat on the table.

Flexible consultation models

Contracting by project or the hour, we’ll find the model that best suits your business.

Global network

Make use of a global expert network in Open Source Program Offices, Open Source projects and Developer Relations.

Quick action

Get professional support now, instead of slowly building your own expert knowledge over years.

Open Source

Compliance, Licenses, Business Relevance, Health, Sustainability, Program Management, Community, Contributions, Technical Steering, Foundations, Technology Transfer, Policies.

Inner Source

Use the principles of open source software development in the protected environment of your company. Benefit from the dynamics and innovation of free software development without making your intellectual property available to the general public.

Developer Relations

Learn from developers who use your software daily to create something new. Understand the challenges and desires of your audience and use these insights to improve your product.

Kunden und Projekte

“Jan is one of the few people that holistically understands open-source. Whether you need to clarify how your company uses open-source, streamline how your company produces its own open-source project, or how to grow a healthy open-source community, Jan is an expert in the field.”


„Jan is one of the very few people who can both develop your high level open source strategy, and do meaningful work, on the ground, with your stakeholders, internally and externally.“


“Jan, you can be whatever you want to be. Believe in yourself and make your dreams come true.“


Talk to me today.

Even if your business is not yet in urge regarding its use of Open Source components, it is always better to have a plan than to make decisions under pressure. Start using Open Source responsibly now.

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